Automation and Materials Handling

Handling success

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In 2016 we brought together our materials handling and industrial automation businesses as L.B. Foster Automation.

We also opened our new ‘Automation Centre of Excellence’ in Nottingham, showcasing our capability and capacity for automation and materials handling solutions for the buoyant automotive, food and beverage and logistics markets.

Dr Martyn Paradise, former Head of, L.B. Foster Automation, says: “We’re feeding into global supply chains, designing, building and installing smart, automated manufacturing technologies that are mission-critical to our customers. So our solutions have to be fail-safe, which is why we undergo rigorous factory and field testing to ensure right first time installation and commissioning.”

Customer satisfaction

We deliver intelligent, integrated materials handling and automated production line solutions for a wide range of market-leading brands.

This demonstrates how our materials handling and industrial automation capability deliver an ‘all under one roof’ solution.

The power of dreams

Our expert engineers designed and installed a continuously moving, inverted monorail conveyor for a dashboard sub-assembly line at Honda’s UK manufacturing plant in Swindon.

Our conveyor solutions increased the process efficiency and reliability of the line. It is an enclosed track, equally pitched trolley conveyor, constructed to pull 20 individual trolleys carrying dashboards around the assembly line. The conveyor runs at a speed ranging from 700mm to 1700mm per minute.

“The conveyor requires low maintenance which is important for long term cost efficiency. The conveyor is also future model proofed to assemble a different dash board we only need to redesign the jig to fit a new model. L.B. Foster also developed the software controls for the system.”

Neil Adams, Model Project Engineer, Honda