Case studies

Case studies

When the UK’s largest medical device company, Smith & Nephew, needed to urgently install a powered pallet conveyor system at its Wound Management HQ in Hull it called in materials handling specialist, L.B. Foster Automation & Materials Handling.

Quite apart from the tight timescales on the project, the contract was far from straightforward. Smith & Nephew’s sterile products are packed into caged pallets with a plastic base and these needed to be transported from a mezzanine in the company’s factory on one side of a busy road to its packing and warehouse operation on the other side of the road. Once emptied, the cages then needed to be returned to the factory for the whole operation to begin again.

Andrew Marris - Asset Care Manager, Smith and Nephew

“They designed an extremely practical solution which could be delivered in the right timescale and at the right cost.”

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