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When you first think of a whisky distillery, it can conjour up romantic images of the Scottish Highlands and crystal clear mountain streams. But the reality of the modern manufacturing process is that it’s closely controlled and governed by strict safety standards, such as the ATEX directive.

Fast forward to the work that L.B. Foster Automation is undertaking with a number of well-known drinks brands. Gaining a foothold in this exciting market requires investment in mission critical systems that comply with the highest safety standards, including ATEX. The ATEX directive consists of two EU directives describing what equipment and working conditions are allowed in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.

Paul Archer, Project Manager, L.B. Foster Automation & materials Handling, explains: “Whisky distilleries are amazing places. They’re a fantastic fusion of the traditional and the modern. Parts of the process haven’t changed for centuries. Yet other aspects of the manufacturing process are now closely governed by strict legislation - and rightly so.

“That means that the equipment that we supply in to these environments has to be designed and built to the highest safety standards. That’s why our expertise and experience is much in demand in this luxury consumer goods sector.

“We’re delivering safety critical systems for some of the biggest names in the market, including William Grant & Sons in Ireland and Scotland.

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