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Our team of solutions engineers in Sheffield has created a new, wall-mounted friction management solution that is being installed throughout the new Elizabeth Line.

Fifty two of our specially designed, high capacity PROTECTOR® IV electric lubricators have been specified by ATC, a consortium of Alstom, TSO and Costain, which won Crossrail’s €350 million infrastructure contract.

Dave Harris, Project Engineer at L.B. Foster Rail Technologies leads the team behind the new product development. He explains: “Crossrail has adopted a ‘belt and braces’ approach to friction management, with both onboard and trackside solutions working together to deliver best in class performance.

“Our high capacity PROTECTOR® IV solution has been re-engineered to meet the exacting specifications set by Crossrail. Whereas our standard wall-mounted solution has a capacity of 80 litres; Crossrail’s specification is to accommodate 230+ litres of grease or KELTRACK®. That’s an increase of nearly 300 per cent.

“Making the size modifications to the cabinet was relatively straightforward. We have a proven track record of this kind of development. Where the real challenge lay was in designing the system to be able to cope with the high volumes of traffic, whilst ensuring a minimal space envelope was utilised. We developed a modular solution specifically for tunnel applications. The modular design future proofs the system, with the capability to retro-fit new control boxes with enhanced functionality in the future. The control box module simply unbolts, with no need to uncouple the motor or pump.”

The new control box fitted to the PROTECTOR® IV is preconfigured to Crossrail’s requirements and it is equipped with Remote Performance Monitoring (RPM) capabilities, allowing performance of friction management equipment to be monitored from a central location. This provides Crossrail with essential operational performance data and advanced warning of situations that may affect the optimum performance of friction management equipment. It is more efficient, more controllable and more configurable - all key requirements of the system.”

Dave Harris continues: “A further operational consideration of the new system was that it could be refilled in under 15 minutes. Our bespoke solution was a high capacity hose and a barrel mounted system, dispensing product at a rate of 25 litres per minute. The end benefit of the increased capacity is maintenance cycles reduced to every four weeks, whilst the fast refilling capability is also designed to reduce operational and maintenance costs”.


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